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Supersymmetry breaking
We review the various mechanisms of supersymmetry breaking and its transmission to the observable sector. We argue that hybrid models where gauge dominates over gravity mediation, but gravity
On hypercharge flux and exotics in F-theory GUTs
We study SU(5) Grand Unified Theories within a local framework in F-theory with multiple extra U(1) symmetries arising from a small monodromy group. The use of hypercharge flux for doublet-triplet
Uplifting Runaways
We find a mechanism by which antibranes placed in a warped deformed conifold throat can destroy the stabilization of the size of the sphere at the tip, collapsing it to zero size. This conifold
Anomalies, anomalous U(1)'s and generalized Chern-Simons terms
A detailed analysis of anomalous U(1)'s and their effective couplings is performed both in field theory and string theory. It is motivated by the possible relevance of such couplings in particle