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Structure and physical properties of nanoclustered graphene synthesized from C60 fullerene under high pressure and high temperature
C60 treatment at 5–8 GPa, ∼1000 °C results in the fullerene cage collapse and transformation to a phase with outstanding mechanical properties. A detailed structural analysis of the phase revealsExpand
Identification of cholinoreceptors on the soma of snail neurons RPa3 and LPa3
Identification of cholinoreceptors (CR) of the soma of neurons RPa3 and LPa3 of the snail is performed using selective cholinomimetics and cholinolytics during the recording of transmembrane ionicExpand
Amiridin and tacrine modulation of the activity and plasticity of the cholinoreceptors of neurons of the common snail: Phenomenology and mechanisms
The influence of amiridin and tacrine on the membrane potential, activity, and plasticity of cholinoreceptors was investigated using the methods of recording of intracellular potentials andExpand
Dose-Dependence of the Excitatory Effects of Acetylcholine on Common Snail Neurons after Orthodromic Tetanization
Studies of the cellular mechanisms of learning and memory often use neuronal analogs of these processes. Post-tetanic changes in the reactivity of nerve cells provide one such model. OrthodromicExpand
Ca-Dependent Regulation of the Na-K-Pump by Post-Tetanic Sensitization of Extrasynaptic Cholinoreceptors in Common Snail Neurons
Studies were conducted on the role of the Na,K pump and intracellular calcium in the previously observed phenomenon of increased cholinosensitivity of the somatic membranes of neurons LPa3 and RPa3Expand
Regulation of Post-Tetanic Increases in the Cholinosensitivity of Neurons in the Common Snail by the Na,K Pump: The Role of Na/Ca Exchange and Calcium Mobilization
log of behavioral sensitization. Our studies in the common snail of identified defensive behavior command neurons LPa3 and RPa3, whose bodies bear extrasynaptic cholinoreceptors [1, 3], yieldedExpand
Structure and properties of the superelastic and hard carbon particles reinforcing wear-resistant composite materials obtained from mixtures of iron and fullerene powders under pressure
The structure and mechanical properties of hard and superelastic carbon particles formed at a pressure of 5 GPa at 1200–1400°C upon the consolidation of metal-fullerene powder mixture into aExpand
Structure and properties of superelastic hard carbon phase created in fullerene-metal composites by high temperature-high pressure treatment
Treatment of a fullerene soot extract and metal (Co) powder mixture under pressure of 5 and 8 GPa at 1000 °C leads to the transformation of fullerites into superelastic hard phase (SHP) and toExpand
Superhard carbon particles forming from fullerites in a mixture with iron powder
Abstract Raman spectroscopy and microhardness measurements were used to study the transformation of fullerites C 60 +C 70 in a mixture with iron powder (1–80 wt.% fullerite) upon changing temperatureExpand
Effect of pyracetam on habituation of the acetylcholine receptor membrane of Helix lucorum neurons
Experiments were carried out on identified neurons (for the classification, see [4]) of the subesophageal ganglion complex in a preparation of the isolated CNS of the snail Helix lucorum tauricaExpand