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Scleroderma; pulmonary and skin studies before and after treatment with cortisone.
GENERALIZED scleroderma is recognized as a disseminated disease which may involve not only the skin but many other organs. It is usually a chronic illness with a gradual downhill progression andExpand
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Fine Structure of Unassembled Viral Subunits from Human Warts.
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The influence of the local injection of hydrocortone (compound F) on the reactions to tuberculin, lepromin, Frei and Ducrey antigens.
The influence of cortisone, ACTH, and hydrocortone (Compound F) on the reactions of hypersensitivity has been studied by various authors. Although opinions differ in some details, there is,Expand
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Distribution of C-type viral particles in a spontaneous case of lymphatic leukemia in a cat.
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The pathology of infectious serositis of ducks.
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C-type virus particles in spontaneous lymphocytic leukemia in a cat.
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Production of passive immunity against viral hepatitis in white Pekin ducklings.
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Incidenc on commercial farms of duck virus hepatitis in White Pekin ducklings hatched from immunized and unimmunized dams.
3. Chamberlain, F. W. "Atlas of Avian Anatomy. Osteology, Arthrology, Myology." Michigan State College Agricultural Experiment Station, East Lansing, Michigan, 1943. 4. Csermely, H. A tyikleukosisExpand
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Dermal myiasis.
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Ultrastructural studies of feline leukemia virus.
Envelope spikes and intermediate membranes were found in viral particles of experimental and spontaneous cases of lymphosarcoma in the cat. The structures are described and their function asExpand
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