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Influence of void fraction calculation on fidelity of CFD-DEM simulation of gas-solid bubbling fluidized beds
The correct calculation of cell void fraction is pivotal in accurate simulation of two-phase flows using a computational fluid dynamics-discrete element method (CFD-DEM) approach. Two classicalExpand
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Droplet impact dynamics on a spherical particle
Abstract In this work, subcooled droplet impact on a highly thermally conductive spherical surface was investigated both theoretically and experimentally. Specifically, the effect of Weber number onExpand
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Performance of the reflux classifier for gravity separation at full scale
Abstract The Reflux Classifier (RC) is a fluidized bed separator capable of operating at high hydraulic loadings due to the presence of parallel inclined plates within the system. When the fluidizedExpand
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Effect of magnetic field on laminar convective heat transfer of magnetite nanofluids
The effect of an external magnetic field on the convective heat transfer and pressure drop of magnetite nanofluids under laminar flow regime conditions (Re < 830) is investigated. Specifically, theExpand
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Reactivity of Al2O3- or SiO2-Supported Cu-, Mn-, and Co-Based Oxygen Carriers for Chemical Looping Air Separation
The chemical looping air separation (CLAS) is a novel method for producing high-purity oxygen, which can be effectively integrated to oxy-fuel power plants. CuO/Cu2O, Mn2O3/Mn3O4, and Co3O4/CoO haveExpand
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Fluidisation and packed bed behaviour in capillary tubes
Abstract Packed and fluidised beds in microfluidic devices offer the potential of enhanced heat and mass transfer capability at a scale where the process can be closely controlled. The knowledge ofExpand
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Analysis on Chemical Reaction Kinetics of CuO/SiO2 Oxygen Carriers for Chemical Looping Air Separation
Chemical looping air separation (CLAS) offers an energy-efficient and cost-effective option for oxygen generation in several advanced power generation systems, such as integrated gasificationExpand
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Pilot plant trial of the reflux classifier
Abstract The Ludowici LMPE Reflux Classifier is a new device designed for classifying and separating particles on the basis of size or density. This work presents a series of experimental resultsExpand
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A major problem faced by many stand-alone geothermal power plants, particularly in arid regions such as Australia, is the adverse effects of the diurnal temperature change on the operation ofExpand
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Integration Options and Economic Analysis of an Integrated Chemical Looping Air Separation Process for Oxy-fuel Combustion
This paper is concerned about a detailed techno-economic assessment of a hypothetical 500 MWe coal-fired power plant in New South Wales, Australia, for oxy-fuel conversion using integrated chemicalExpand
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