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The Influence of Media Violence on Youth
Though it is clear that reducing exposure to media violence will reduce aggression and violence, it is less clear what sorts of interventions will produce a reduction in exposure, and large-scale longitudinal studies would help specify the magnitude of media-violence effects on the most severe types of violence. Expand
Sex on TV 4 2005: a Kaiser Family Foundation report.
One of the critical challenges facing young people today is developing a healthy understanding of their sexuality, and the mass media and in particular television have grown increasingly frequent and prominent raising important societal concerns. Expand
Sexual Socialization Messages on Entertainment Television: Comparing Content Trends 1997–2002
Previous content analyses of sex on television have relied on differing measures and sampling strategies, which makes it difficult to compare patterns of sexual portrayals over time. This large-scaleExpand
Violence in Children's Television Programming: Assessing the Risks
This study investigates the nature and extent of violence contained in television programming that targets children aged 12 and younger. The measures employed in this content analysis are grounded inExpand
Effects of long-term exposure to violent and sexually degrading depictions of women.
There were no differences in response between the R-rated teen sex film and the X-rated, sexually explicit, nonviolent film, and the no-exposure control conditions on the objectification or the rape trial variables. Expand
Measuring the Effects of Sexual Content in the Media: A Report to the Kaiser Family Foundation.
The purposes of this report are to review what we know about the relations of entertainment media to sexual development during childhood and adolescence to consider methodological issues andExpand
Children, Adolescents, and the Media: Issues and Solutions
Television and other media represent one of the most important and underrecognized influences on children and adolescents' health and behavior in the 1990s and should be eliciting serious concern, not just from parents and educators but from physicians, public health advocates, and politicians as well. Expand
Aggressive erotica and violence against women.
  • E. Donnerstein
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of personality and social psychology
  • 1980
Results indicated that the aggressive-erotic film was effective in increasing aggression overall, and it produced the highest increase in aggression against the female. Expand