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Electrodynamics of continuous media
Electrostatics of conductors Static magnetic field Superconductivity The propagation of electromagnetic waves Spatial dispersion Diffraction of X rays in crystals.
Difference methods for initial-value problems
Keywords: equations : differentielles ; stabilite ; transport ; transfert de chaleur ; mecanique des : fluides ; ondes Reference Record created on 2005-11-18, modified on 2016-08-08
Kirchhoff's theory of rods
The purpose of this paper is to examine the classical theory of finite displacements of thin rods as developed by KIRCHHOFF [1859, 1876] and CLEBSCH [1862], and presented by LOVE [1892, 1906]. In
An Introduction to the Mechanics of Solids
Preface to the second edition Preface to the second edition with SI units Preface to the first edition Chapter One Fundamental Principles of Mechanics 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Generalized procedure 1.3
Thermodynamic restrictions on the constitutive equations of electromagnetic theory
ZusammenfassungDie Autoren betrachten allgemeine Stoffe, für die die Energiedichte, die Entropiedichte, die elektrische Induktion, die magnetische Induktion, die elektrische Stromdichte und der
On the dynamics of rods in the theory of Kirchhoff and Clebsch
We discuss here the dynamical equations of a theory of elastic rods that is due to Kmcm-ioFF [1, 2] and CL~Bsc~ [3, 4]. This properly invariant theory is applicable to motions in which the strains