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Signal/Quantizing-distortion ratio measurements of fast-adaptive delta modulation systems
Signal/quantizing-distortion ratio (SQDR) was measured as a function of input level at a sampling frequency of 64 kHz with a phase- and amplitude-modulated sine wave of 800 Hz as input signal forExpand
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DC/DC conversion, the key to low power consumption
Currently the development of rechargeable batteries is concentrated on lithium-type chemistries, which provide a maximum open output voltage of 4.2 V, while the voltage limit in silicon VLSIExpand
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A Bitstrearn Digital-to-analog Converter With 18b Resolution
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A CMOS Stereo 16 Bit D/A Converter for Digital Audio
A stereo D/A converter for digital audio applications is presented which obtains 16 bit resolution from a one bit converter, using a code conversion technique based upon oversampling and noiseExpand
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A Bit Stream D/A Converter with 18-Bit Resolution
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The Next Step Towards Ideal A/D and D/A Converters
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P-N-P-N Interface-to-Interface Switching for Telephony and Broad-Band Communication
To be economically attractive, all-electronic spacedivision multiplex (SDM) networks must have a minimum of wiring and interconnection joints, take maximum advantage of IC-type matrix modules, offerExpand
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