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Phosphorus studies in pigs. 3. Effect of phytase supplementation on the digestibility and availability of phosphorus in soya-bean meal for grower pigs.
Two experiments were conducted (1) to determine the effects of phytase (EC on the digestibility and availability of P in soya-bean meal for growing pigs and (2) to compare growth v.Expand
The effect of forearm bands on insectivorous bats (Microchiroptera) in Australia
The results of this study have led the Australian Bird & Bat Banding Scheme to adopt a precautionary principle and impose a moratorium on the banding of bats belonging to the families Vespertilionidae, Molossidae and Emballonuridae. Expand
Amino acid and energy interactions in growing pigs 1. Effects of food intake, sex and live weight on the responses of growing pigs to lysine concentration
Analysis of the response surfaces delineated by lysine level and phase of growth indicated that for males and females with restricted food and males fed ad libitum, maximum daily gain was produced by feeding at least 10 g lysines per kg, declining to about 8 g/kg at 80 kg. Expand
Genetic and phenotypic parameters for pre-weaning growth and weaning conformation of Angus cattle
Weaning weight and conformation score records on Angus calves from four New South Wales herds were analysed by least-squares procedures to obtain estimates of heritabilities of various measures of growth and cs, as well as genetic, phenotypic and environmental correlations. Expand
Phosphorus studies in pigs. 2. Assessing phosphorus availability for pigs and rats.
The results indicated that a suitable range of dietary P for a slope-ratio assay in rats was 1.8-3.5 g/kg, with Ca:P ratio of between 1.3 and 6.2, and that ash content or bone bending moment of the femur bone were suitable criteria of response. Expand
Roads as activity corridors for cane toads in Australia
The toxic cane toad (Bufo marinus) has been introduced to Australia. We investigated the distribution of cane toads in relation to roads and tracks in Australia, where this species has the potentialExpand
Effect of nitrogen on growth, fruit quality and nutrient uptake of tomatoes grown in sand culture
It is concluded that, in order to achieve optimum nutrition and hence maximum growth rates and quality of tomatoes under field conditions, the application of N and K fertilisers should be matched to the high demand which occurs over the fruit growth period. Expand
Estimation of Leaf Emergence Rates of Bananas
The model predicted LER without bias for 16 of the cultivars, but slightly over-predicted LER in winter for the only representative of the Gros Michel subgroup (Highgate). Expand
Nitrogen response surface models of zucchini squash, head lettuce and potato
The highest fresh yields of zucchini squash fruit, lettuce head and potato tubers were recorded at N levels of 14, 5 and 11 and 7 mmol L−1 respectively, and the effect of N on quality followed a similar trend. Expand