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User-adapted plan recognition and user-adapted shared control: A Bayesian approach to semi-autonomous wheelchair driving
Abstract Many elderly and physically impaired people experience difficulties when maneuvering a powered wheelchair. In order to ease maneuvering, powered wheelchairs have been equipped with sensors,Expand
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Towards safe human-robot interaction in robotic cells: An approach based on visual tracking and intention estimation
Removing the safety fences that separate humans and robots, to allow for an effective human-robot interaction, requires innovative safety control systems. An advanced functionality of a safetyExpand
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Bayesian plan recognition for Brain-Computer Interfaces
For people with very severe motor dysfunctions, Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) may provide the solution to regain mobility and manipulation capabilities. Unfortunately, BCIs are characterized by aExpand
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Bayesian Estimation of Wheelchair Driver Intents: Modeling Intents as Geometric Paths Tracked by the Driver
Many elderly and disabled people today experience difficulties when manoeuvring an electric wheelchair. In order to help these people, several robotic assistance platforms have been devised in theExpand
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Lino, the User-Interface Robot
This paper reports on the development of a domestic user-interface robot that is able to have a natural human interaction by speech and emotional feedback and is able to navigate in a homeExpand
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Active stereo vision-based mobile robot navigation for person tracking
In this paper, we propose a mobile robot architecture for person tracking, consisting of an active stereo vision module (ASVM) and a navigation module (NM). The first uses a stereo head equipped withExpand
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Online user modeling with Gaussian Processes for Bayesian plan recognition during power-wheelchair steering
Many elderly and disabled people experience difficulties when maneuvering an electric wheelchair. In order to make wheelchair driving a safer and more comfortable experience, there has long been theExpand
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Powered wheelchair navigation assistance through kinematically correct environmental haptic feedback
This article introduces a set of novel haptic guidance algorithms intended to provide intuitive and reliable assistance for electric wheelchair navigation through narrow or crowded spaces. TheExpand
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