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A note on the application of BaF2 scintillators to γ-ray and charged particle detection
Abstract Two practical aspects of the application of BaF2 crystals as detectors for nuclear radiation are considered: (1) wavelength shifting of the fast UV light component by a thin p-terphenylExpand
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Static moments of 54Fem and perturbed angular distributions with combined dipole and quadrupole interactions
Abstract The static moments of a new Iπ = (10+) isomer in 54Fe (Ex = 6528keV; τ = 525 ± 10ns) were measured by the perturbed angular distribution method with the results g = +0.778 ± 0.010, |Q| = 72Expand
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The g-factor of the K=25 isomer in 182Os
Abstract The g -factor of the K = I =25 isomer in 182 Os has been measured by observing the angular precession of the decay γ-ray angular distribution in an external magnetic field as g =+0.425 (8).Expand
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Nuclear polarization and signs of quadrupole moments of high-spin Gd isomers
Abstract Time-differential perturbed-angular-distribution (TDPAD) experiments have been performed on polarized intermediate- and high-spin isomers 144 Gd (10 + ) and 147 Gd ( 13 2 + , 27 2 − , 49 2 +Expand
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Fast Spectrum Acquisition System with Selection and Routing
Two features of a general purpose nuclear data acquisition system are described: the use of an MBD front end processor as a 4 channel multifunction device, and of special hardware to allow fast add-1Expand
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The preparation of 235UIr2 targets for use in g-factor measurements of fission isomers
Abstract The cubic, nonparamagnetic alloy, 235 UIr 2 , was found to be a good host for the preservation of nuclear alignment in the g -factor measurement of the τ = 122(10) ns fission isomer of 237Expand
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Tilted multifoil techniques in pad studies of high spin reaction products
Abstract Novel techniques used in PAD studies of high spin states populated by conventional fusion evaporation reactions are described. The interaction of the recoiling ions with the exit surfaces ofExpand
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E2 moments of the /sup 43/Sc(19/2/sup -/) and the /sup 43/Ti(19/2/sup -/) states and the /sup 40/Ca core deformation
Quadrupole coupling constants of the /sup 43/Sc(19/2/sup -/) and the /sup 43/Ti(19/2/sup -/) mirror isomers, implanted into hexagonal Ti, have been measured with the time differential perturbedExpand
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