E. D. Nudelman

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A new fucoganglioside, 6B, which accumulates in human colonic adenocarcinoma but is absent in normal colonic mucosa, was isolated from a monosialoganglioside fraction of colonic adenocarcinomas. The(More)
Immunization of mice with Ley-active trifucosylnonaosylceramide (III3FucV3FucVI2FucnLc6) isolated from human colonic adenocarcinoma (Nudelman, E., Levery, S. B., Kaizu, T., and Hakomori, S. (1986) J.(More)
The IgG2a monoclonal antibody TH-1, which reacts specifically with blood group A1 but with neither A2 nor O erythrocytes, has been established. The antibody reacted only with A1 erythrocytes in(More)