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Robust method for road sign detection and recognition
The proposed approach can be very helpful for the development of a system for driving assistance and is robust against low-level noise corrupting edge detection and contour following, and works for images of cluttered urban streets as well as country roads and highways. Expand
A robust method for road sign detection and recognition
A robust method based on a geometrical analysis of the edges extracted from monochromatic images and is able to identify triangular and circular road signs from images of city streets, country roads and highways is presented. Expand
Choline ingestion increases the resonance of choline-containing compounds in human brain: An in vivo proton magnetic resonance study
This is the first study to the authors' knowledge where an oral nutrient has been shown to produce a detectable change in human brain composition in vivo. Expand
Localization and Noise in Edge Detection
The noise present in digital images of typical indoor scenes is small and the signal-to-noise ratio is high, so small that small filters can be used and the exact shape of the filter is not critical. Expand
Adenosine extracellular levels in human brain gliomas: an intraoperative microdialysis study
It is concluded that the adenosine concentrations reached in the tumour tissue are sufficient to stimulate alladenosine receptor subtypes, suppress local anti-tumour immune responses and affect glial and endothelial cell proliferation. Expand
The Accuracy of the Computation of Optical Flow and of the Recovery of Motion Parameters
The approach is able to produce vector fields from which it is possible to recover 3-D motion parameters such as time-to-collision and angular velocity from reduced optical flows and the use of Kalman filtering increases the accuracy and the robustness of the estimation of motion parameters. Expand
Fredholm Integral Equations of the First Kind and Topological Information Theory
This paper reconsider various possible methods of truncation from the viewpoint of the $$varepsilon}$$ -coverings of compact sets. Expand
Age-dependent cerebral metabolic effects of unilateral nucleus basalis magnocellularis ablation in rats
It is concluded that the basalocortical cholinergic projection plays a smaller role in neocortical function of aged rats, possibly because its tonic activity is reduced. Expand
A novel deterministic forecast model for COVID-19 epidemic based on a single ordinary integro-differential equation
This paper focuses on the data for two exemplary countries, Italy and Germany, and shows that the model is capable of reproducing the course of the epidemic in the past and forecasting its course for a period of two to three weeks with a reasonable numerical stability. Expand
Integral Representation for Bessel’s Functions of the First Kind and Neumann Series
A Fourier-type integral representation for Bessel’s functions of the first kind and complex order is obtained by using the Gegenbauer extension of Poisson’s integral representation for the BesselExpand