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Non-linear generalization of the sl(2) algebra
We present a generalization of the sl(2) algebra where the algebraic relations are constructed with the help of a general function of one of the generators. When this function is linear this algebraExpand
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Symmetric generalized binomial distributions
In two recent articles, we have examined a generalization of the binomial distribution associated with a sequence of positive numbers, involving asymmetric expressions of probabilities that break theExpand
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Position-dependent mass quantum Hamiltonians: General approach and duality
We analyze a general family of position-dependent mass quantum Hamiltonians which are not self-adjoint and include, as particular cases, some Hamiltonians obtained in phenomenological approaches toExpand
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Information theory link between MaxEnt and a key thermodynamic relation
We focus attention on the particular thermodynamic relation dU=TdS+δW. Using information theory concepts we show that, for a reversible process in which intensive variables change, microscopicExpand
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q-Moments remove the degeneracy associated with the inversion of the q-Fourier transform
It was recently proven [Hilhorst, JSTAT, P10023 (2010)] that the q-generalization of the Fourier transform is not invertible in the full space of probability density functions for q > 1. It has alsoExpand
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Surrejoinder to the Comment on: "Thermostatistics of Overdamped Motion of Interacting Particles" by Y. Levin and R. Pakter
In their Rejoinder [arXiv:1105.1316v1], Levin and Pakter repeat some of the points raised in their previous Comment [arXiv:1104.0697v1] (already refuted in our first Reply [arXiv:1104.5036v1]), andExpand
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Entropies of deformed binomial distributions
Asymptotic behavior (with respect to the number of trials) of symmetric generalizations of binomial distributions and their related entropies are studied through three examples. The first one derivesExpand
A note about combinatorial sequences and Incomplete Gamma function
In this short note we present a set of interesting and useful properties of a one-parameter family of sequences including factorial and subfactorial, and their relations to the Gamma function and theExpand
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Noncommutative reading of the complex plane through Delone sequences
The Berezin–Klauder–Toeplitz (“anti-Wick”) quantization or “noncommutative reading” of the complex plane, viewed as the phase space of a particle moving on the line, is derived from the resolution ofExpand
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