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Less Interpretation and More Decoherence in Quantum Gravity and Inflationary Cosmology
I argue that quantum decoherence—understood as a dynamical process entailed by the standard formalism alone—carries us beyond conceptual aspects of non-relativistic quantum mechanics deemedExpand
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Hermann and the Relative Context of Observation
Prior analyses of Grete Hermann’s 1935 essay on the philosophical foundations of quantum mechanics have taken her central aim to be the recovery of an appropriately Kantian notion of causality fromExpand
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Epistemic Structural Realism and Poincaré’s Philosophy of Science
  • K. Brading, E. Crull
  • Philosophy
  • HOPOS: The Journal of the International Society…
  • 1 March 2017
Recent discussions of structuralist approaches to scientific theories have stemmed primarily from John Worrall’s “Structural Realism” in which he defends a position (since characterized “epistemicExpand
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Heisenberg (and Schrodinger, and Pauli) on Hidden Variables
Abstract In this paper, we discuss various aspects of Heisenberg's thought on hidden variables in the period 1927–1935. We also compare Heisenberg's approach to others current at the time,Expand
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Grete Hermann’s Lost Manuscript on Quantum Mechanics
Prior to her extended stay in Leipzig and her 1935 essay on the foundations of quantum mechanics, Grete Hermann had written a manuscript on ‘Determinism and Quantum Mechanics’, which she had sent toExpand
Translation of: P. Ehrenfest,‘Energy fluctuations in the radiation field or crystal lattice through superposition of quantized normal modes’∗
It is shown that and why smaller fluctuations result from the superposition of quantized normal modes than those claimed by Einstein: Equation (II) and (III) compared to (IV). §1. In a discussionExpand
Jordan's Derivation of Blackbody Fluctuations
The celebrated Dreimannerarbeit by Born, Heisenberg and Jordan contains a matrix-mechanical derivation by Jordan of Planck’s formula for blackbody fluctuations. Jordan appears to have considered thisExpand
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Quantum Decoherence and Interlevel Relations
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Yes, More Decoherence: A Reply to Critics
Recently I published an article in this journal entitled “Less interpretation and more decoherence in quantum gravity and inflationary cosmology” (Crull in Found Phys 45(9):1019–1045, 2015). ThisExpand
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