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Supergravity in theory in 11 dimensions
We present the action and transformation laws of supergravity in 11 dimensions which is expected to be closely related to the O(8) theory in 4 dimensions after dimensional reduction.
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Dualisation of dualities
We analyse the global (rigid) symmetries that are realised on the bosonic fields of the various supergravity actions obtained from eleven-dimensional supergravity by toroidal compactificationExpand
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Dualisation of dualities II: twisted self-duality of doubled fields and superdualities
We introduce a doubled formalism for the bosonic sector of the maximal supergravities, in which a Hodge dual potential is introduced for each bosonic field (except for the metric). The equations ofExpand
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Higher dimensional origin of D = 3 coset symmetries
It is well known that the toroidal dimensional reduction of supergravities gives rise in three dimensions to theories whose bosonic sectors are described purely in terms of scalar degrees of freedom,Expand
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Yang-Mills theories with local supersymmetry: Lagrangian, transformation laws and super-Higgs effect
We derive the lagrangian and transformation laws of the coupled Yang-Mills-matter-supergravity system for unextended n = 1 local supersymmetry. We study the super-Higgs effect and the normal HiggsExpand
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Supergravities in 5 Dimensions
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SU(4) Invariant Supergravity Theory
Abstract We present a new supergravity theory which is invariant under four separate local supersymmetry transformations. The action is invariant under global SU(4) transformation realized on theExpand
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The quantum group structure associated with non-linearly extended Virasoro algebras
Recently, an infinite family of chiral Virasoro vertex operators, whose exchange algebra is given by the universalR-matrix ofSL(2)q, has been constructed. In the present paper, the case ofExpand
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Naturally Vanishing Cosmological Constant in N=1 Supergravity
Abstract For N =1 supergravity theories we show that the choice of a particular class of Einstein spaces for the Kahler manifold of the hidden sector leads to a vanishing cosmological constantExpand
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