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Rethinking Engineering Education - The CDIO Approach
In the past ten years, leaders in engineering industries have identified specific knowledge, skills, and attitudes required of their workforce if they want to be innovative and competitive in a gloExpand
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Use of piezoelectric actuators as elements of intelligent structures
This work presents the analytic and experimental development of piezoelectric actuators as elements of intelligent structures, i.e., structures with highly distributed actuators, sensors, andExpand
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Detailed models of piezoceramic actuation of beams
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System Architecture: Strategy and Product Development for Complex Systems
Architecture and Function of Complex Systems System architecture is the study of early decision making in complex systems. This text teaches how to capture experience and analysis about early systemExpand
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Induced strain actuation of isotropic and anisotropic plates
The development and experimental verification of the induced strain actuation of plate components of an intelligent structure is presented. Equations relating the actuation strains, created byExpand
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The CDIO Syllabus v2.0. An Updated Statement of Goals for Engineering Education
Modern engineering education programs seek to impart to the students a broad base of knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become successful young engineers. This array of abilities isExpand
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This paper defines architecture, argues for its importance as a determinant of system behavior, and reviews its ability to help us understand and manage the design, operation, and behaviors of complex engineering systems. Expand
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Achieving excellence in engineering education: the ingredients of successful change
Grateful thanks The time given by those interviewed and by the staff at the institutions described in the case studies is gratefully acknowledged. Nethercot FREng for their technical advice, guidanceExpand
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Intelligent structures for aerospace - A technology overview and assessment
HIS article presents an overview and assessment of the technology leading to the development of intelligent structures. Intelligent structures are those which incorporate actuators and sensors thatExpand
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The CDIO syllabus: a comparative study of expected student proficiency
Engineering students must graduate with command of a vast body of technical knowledge. They must possess personal, interpersonal and system-building skills to function in teams, and be prepared toExpand
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