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Effect site concentrations of remifentanil and pupil response to noxious stimulation.
BACKGROUND Opioid drugs block reflex pupillary dilatation in response to noxious stimulation. The relationship between the target effect site concentration (Ce(T)) of remifentanil and the pupilExpand
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Effect of liposomal content of lipid emulsions on plasma lipid concentrations in low birth weight infants receiving parenteral nutrition.
We studied the effects of phospholipid liposomes present in intravenously administered lipid emulsions on plasma lipid levels in preterm infants given 10% and 20% lipid emulsions. Twenty prematureExpand
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Rat PHI, PHI-GLY and PHV(1–42) stimulate adenylate cyclase in six rat tissue and cell membranes
PHI and the two C-terminally extended forms PHI-GLY and PHV(1-42) coexist in rat tissues. We compared the relative potency and efficacy of these three PHI forms and of VIP to stimulate adenylateExpand
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Predictive Accuracy of Continuous Alfentanil Infusion in Volunteers: Variability of Different Pharmacokinetic Sets
evaluate the variability of the predictive accuracy of alfentanil by using different pharmacokinetic data sets, eight healthy young male adult volunteers were given the same alfentanil infusion for 4Expand
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Ostéosynthèse des lésions proximales du fémur par vis-plaque dynamisée
SummaryA series of 1871 lesions of the upper end of the femur were treated in 32 hospitals in Belgium using a dynamic hip screw. Unstable pertrochanteric fractures were present in 34.4%. TheExpand
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Plasma lipid and plasma lipoprotein concentrations in low birth weight infants given parenteral nutrition with twenty or ten percent lipid emulsion.
Because 10% and 20% intravenously administered lipid emulsions (intralipid preparations) differ in their phospholipid/triglyceride ratio (0.12 and 0.06, respectively), 28 low birth weight infantsExpand
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Administration of enoximone in cardiogenic shock.
Thirteen patients in severe cardiogenic shock, persisting despite the use of adrenergic agents, were treated with enoximone, a recently available phosphodiesterase inhibitor. Cardiogenic shock wasExpand
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High fluid-low calcium intake: not all renal stone formers adhere to this simple treatment.
FActors predisposing to renal stone formation have been studied in 309 patients. Dehydration before diagnosis of urolithiasis was due in 12% of the cases to frequent diarrhea and in 36% to badExpand
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Measurement of Blood Flow in Peripheral Muscles Using Xe133
From the Departments of Surgery, Anesthesiology, and Nuclear Medicine, Brugmann University Hospital, and the Interdisciplinary Center of Bone Biomechanic, Brussels, Belgium. Measurements of bloodExpand
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Predictive accuracy of target-controlled propofol and sufentanil coinfusion in long-lasting surgery.
BACKGROUND The predictive accuracy of target concentration infusions of propofol has been documented only for less than 4 h, and no prospective study of sufentanil target controlled infusion isExpand
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