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A new class of integrable defects
An alternative Lagrangian definition of an integrable defect is provided and analysed. The new approach is sufficiently broad to allow a description of defects within the Tzitzeica model, which wasExpand
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Affine Toda field theories with defects
A lagrangian approach is proposed and developed to study defects within affine Toda field theories. In particular, a suitable Lax pair is constructed together with examples of conserved charges. ItExpand
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Classically integrable field theories with defects
Some ideas and remarks are presented concerning a possible Lagrangian approach to the study of internal boundary conditions relating integrable fields at the junction of two domains. The main exampleExpand
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Calogero-Moser Models. I: A New Formulation
A new formulation of Calogero-Moser models based on root systems and their Weyl group is presented. The general construction of the Lax pairs applicable to all models based on the simply-lacedExpand
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Generalised Calogero-Moser models and universal Lax pair operators
Calogero-Moser models can be generalised for all of the finite reflection groups. These include models based on non-crystallographic root systems, that is the root systems of the finite reflectionExpand
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The sinh–Gordon model with integrable boundary conditions is considered in low order perturbation theory. It is pointed out that results obtained by Ghoshal for the sine–Gordon breather reflectionExpand
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Jump-defects in the nonlinear schrödinger model and other non-relativistic field theories
Recent work on purely transmitting 'jump-defects' in the sine-Gordon model and other relativistic field theories is extended to non-relativistic models. In all the cases investigated the defectExpand
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Quantum versus classical integrability in Calogero-Moser systems
Calogero–Moser systems are classical and quantum integrable multiparticle dynamics defined for any root system Δ. The quantum Calogero systems having 1/q2 potential and a confining q2 potential andExpand
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Comments on defects in the ar Toda field theories
A simple, basic argument is given, based solely on energy–momentum considerations, to recover conditions under which ar affine or conformal Toda field theories can support defects of integrable type.Expand
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