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Reason, Truth and History.
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The Generality Problem for Reliabilism
Etude des differentes solutions apportees au probleme de la generalite qui se pose au theories de la justification des croyances vraies fondees sur la fiabilite des processus. Examinant les types deExpand
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Evidentialism: Essays in Epistemology
Evidentialism is a theory of knowledge whose essence is the traditional idea that the justification of factual knowledge is entirely a matter of evidence. Earl Conee and Richard Feldman present theExpand
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The Truth Connection
1. When you know, there is something that provides you with knowledge. It is something that answers the question-How do you know? If your knowledge is perceptually based, it is plain that the answerExpand
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Evident, but rationally unacceptable
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Epistemology and the Psychology of Human Judgment.
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The Basic Nature of Epistemic Justification
The leading approaches to the nature of epistemic justification are the sides taken in two controversies: coherentism versus foundationalism, and externalism versus internalism. The former disputeExpand
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The Comforts of Home
Introduction. Tim defines a "luminous" condition as one that we are always in a position to know that we are in, whenever we are in it.1 To explain the idea of being in a position to know, Tim tellsExpand
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Riddles of Existence: A Guided Tour of Metaphysics (second edition)
Introduction 1. Personal Identity 2. Fatalism 3. Time 4. God 5. Why Not Nothing? 6. Free Will and Determinism 7. Constitution 8. Universals 9. Possibility and Necessity 10. The Metaphysics of EthicsExpand
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Externalism, Internalism, and Skepticism
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