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Dynamical ensembles in stationary states
We propose, as a generalization of an idea of Ruelle's to describe turbulent fluid flow, a chaotic hypothesis for reversible dissipative many-particle systems in nonequilibrium stationary states in
Extended heat-fluctuation theorems for a system with deterministic and stochastic forces.
  • R. van Zon, E. Cohen
  • Physics, Mathematics
    Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and…
  • 14 November 2003
Heat fluctuations over a time tau in a nonequilibrium stationary state and in a transient state are studied for a simple system with deterministic and stochastic components and the exact Fourier transform of the distribution of these fluctuations is found.
Hard Ball Systems and the Lorentz Gas
Part I. Mathematics: 1. D. Burago, S. Ferleger, A. Kononenko: A Geometric Approach to Semi-Dispersing Billiards.- 2. T. J. Murphy, E. G. D. Cohen: On the Sequences of Collisions Among Hard Spheres in
Stationary and transient work-fluctuation theorems for a dragged Brownian particle.
  • R. van Zon, E. Cohen
  • Physics
    Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and…
  • 12 December 2002
This experiment confirmed a theoretically predicted work related integrated transient fluctuation theorem (ITFT), which gives an expression for the ratio for the probability to find positive or negative values for the fluctuations of the total work done on the system in a given time in a transient state.
Boltzmann and Einstein: Statistics and dynamics — An unsolved problem
The struggle of Boltzmann with the proper description of the behavior of classical macroscopic bodies in equilibrium in terms of the properties of the particles out of which they consist will be
Two-particle cluster integral in the expansion of the dielectric constant
We study in detail the two-particle cluster integral in the cluster expansion for the effective dielectric constant of a suspension of spherically symmetric polarizable inclusions embedded in a
Onsager-Machlup Theory for Nonequilibrium Steady States and Fluctuation Theorems
A generalization of the Onsager-Machlup theory from equilibrium to nonequilibrium steady states and its connection with recent fluctuation theorems are discussed for a dragged particle restricted by
The Enskog theory for multicomponent mixtures. IV. Thermal diffusion
Using the revised Enskog theory we derive equations for the thermal diffusion ratios kTi and thermal diffusion factors αij of multicomponent hard‐sphere mixtures for systems in mechanical
Propagation and Organization in Lattice Random Media
We show that a signal can propagate in a particular direction through a model random medium regardless of the precise state of the medium. As a prototype, we consider a point particle moving on a