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Introduction to Weak Measurements and Weak Values
We present a short review of the theory of weak measurement. This should serve as a map for the theory and an easy way to get familiar with the main results, problems and paradoxes raised by the
Geometric phase from Aharonov–Bohm to Pancharatnam–Berry and beyond
Whenever a quantum system undergoes a cycle governed by a slow change of parameters, it acquires a phase factor: the geometric phase. Its most common formulations are known as the Aharonov-Bohm,
Nonlocal Measurements via Quantum Erasure.
A scheme for effectively generating the von Neumann Hamiltonian for nonlocal observables without the need to communicate and adapt is presented and it is shown how the protocol can be used to probe a version of Hardy's paradox with both weak and strong measurements.
Measurement and collapse within the two-state vector formalism
The notion of collapse is discussed and refined within the two-state vector formalism (TSVF). We show how a definite result of a measurement can be fully determined when considering specific forward-
Probing finite coarse-grained virtual Feynman histories with sequential weak values
Feynman's sum-over-histories formulation of quantum mechanics has been considered a useful calculational tool in which virtual Feynman histories entering into a quantum superposition cannot be
Measuring Incompatible Observables by Exploiting Sequential Weak Values.
This Letter shows how for the first time a sequential weak value evaluation of two incompatible observables is realized using a genuine single-photon experiment, which revealed the single-operator weak values, as well as the local correlation between them.
Finally making sense of the double-slit experiment
A time-symmetric interpretation of quantum mechanics that does not stem from the wave properties of the particle, rather, it posits corpuscular properties along with nonlocal properties, all of which are deterministic.
Determining the quantum expectation value by measuring a single photon
A photonic experiment demonstrates protective measurements, a type of weak measurements. These make it possible to determine the expectation value of the polarization of a photon from a single
The Case of the Disappearing (and Re-Appearing) Particle
A novel prediction is derived by the Two-State-Vector-Formalism (TSVF) for a particle superposed over three boxes that strengthens the recently suggested time-symmetric Heisenberg ontology based on nonlocal deterministic operators.
Completely top–down hierarchical structure in quantum mechanics
It is concluded that under certain boundary conditions, higher-order correlations within quantum mechanical systems can determine lower-order ones, but not vice versa, which supports a top–down structure in many-body quantum mechanics.