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Authenticity and commoditization in tourism.
Abstract Three basic assumptions, common in the literature on tourism, regarding “commoditization”, “staged authenticity”, and the inability of tourists to have authentic experiences are re-examined.Expand
A Phenomenology of Tourist Experiences
Contemporary studies of tourism see the tourist experience as either something essentially spurious and superficial, an extension of an alienated world, or as a serious search for authenticity, anExpand
The tourist guide: the origins, structure and dynamics of a role.
Abstract The two lines of origin of the modern tourist guide are the pathfinder and the mentor. These are the antecedents, respectively, of the leadership and the mediatory spheres in the guide'sExpand
Food in tourism - Attraction and Impediment
Abstract The common perception of food as a mere attraction in tourism is challenged by stressing the complications and impediments experienced by tourists in the local culinary sphere in unfamiliarExpand
Backpacking: Diversity and Change
Backpacking, a relatively little studied form of tourism, is a rapidly expanding phenomenon. This article follows the transition from the tramp to the drifter, and from the latter to the contemporaryExpand
Authentication: Hot and Cool
Seeking to shift the discussion of the concept of authenticity in tourism scholarship from the dominant concern with tourist experiences to the more sociological problem of the processes ofExpand
Rethinking the sociology of tourism
Abstract Two principal general approaches to tourism are criticized. It is argued against the tendency to over generalize, to propose universal models and to conceive of the dynamics of tourism as aExpand
Who is a Tourist?: A Conceptual Clarification
Who does not know a tourist? Tourism is so widespread and ubiquitous in our day that there are scarcely people left in the world who would not recognize a tourist immediately. Indeed, the stereotypeExpand
Current sociological theories and issues in tourism
This article reviews the changing nature of contemporary tourism and sociological approaches to its study. We examine the broad social trends and specific historical events that recently affectedExpand