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No country for old men : film
Long metrage. - Fiction. - D'apres le roman de Cormac McCarthy "No country for old men". - Sortie en France le 23 janvier 2008
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O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Based on Homer's Odyssey, as a humorous homage to film director Preston Sturges' ''Sullivan's Travels,'' this cock-eyed American ode brings together arguably the most talented sibling AmericanExpand
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The Man Who Wasn't There
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Central sleep apnea after interrupting longterm acetazolamide therapy.
One month administration of acetazolamide (ACET) (at sea level) improves periodic breathing and decreases the number of central apneas (CA) (De Backer et al., 1995 Am. J. Respir. Crit. Care Med. 151,Expand
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Does socially disturbing snoring and/or excessive daytime sleepiness warrant polysomnography?
The relationship between sleep-related breathing disorders and the major complaints of patients referred for diagnostic polysomnography to the University Hospital, Antwerp, were studied. Six hundredExpand
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Obstructive sleep hypopnea syndrome in a patient with Marfan syndrome treated with oxygen therapy.
A patient with Marfan's syndrome and obstructive sleep hypopnea syndrome is reported. She had complained about insomnia, tiredness and hypersomnolence lasting 2 years. A complete nightlyExpand
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A Serious Man
A Serious Man ist ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 2009. Regie fuhrten Ethan und Joel Coen, die auch das Drehbuch schrieben, den Film produzierten sowie unter ihrem gemeinsamen PseudonymExpand
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O'brother, where art thou ? : film
Long metrage. - Fiction. - Film burlesque, comedie. - D'apres le poeme d'Homere "'Odýsseia"
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Burn After Reading
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The Hudsucker proxy : film
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