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Orchids of Borneo,
This compilat ion is a listing of accepted names of lignicolous, corticioid fungi known from North America, with 1163 species in 54 families and 21 orders treated alphabetically by genus andExpand
New species and new combinations in Peruvian Orchidaceae
Abstractseventeen new species and combinations are proposed in the generaChondrorhyncha, Cischweinfia, Cochlioda, Eloyella, Encyclia, Kefersteinia, Koellensteinia, Macroclinium, Rodriguezia,Expand
New species of Peruvian Orchidaceae III
Sixteen new species are proposed in the generaAckermania, Dressleria, Epidendrum, Maxillaria, Oncidium, Rodriguezia, Sigmatostalix, andTrigonidium. All new species are illustrated.MaxillariaExpand
The Wild Orchids of California. By Ronald A. Coleman
173-299. In: J. Lanjouw & A. L. Stoffers, editors, Flora of Suriname. Wol. 5. Part 1. Burger, W. C. 1977. Ficus. In: Flora Costaricensis. Fieldiana, Bot. 40:99-103, 140-187. Carauta J. P. P. 1989.Expand
The long-lost Vanilla bicolor
New species of Peruvian Orchidaceae II
Seventeen new species are proposed in the generaAda, Gongora, Kefersteinia, Lockhartia, Lycaste, Macroclinium, Oncidium, Polycycnis, Scelochilus, andTrichosalpinx. All new species are illustrated. AExpand