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Development of pigmentation and skeleton in ontogenesis of Fedorov eelpout Zoarces fedorovi (Zoarcidae, Perciformes) from the Sea of Okhotsk
Comparative analysis of the sequence of anlage and morphogenesis of elements of the cartilaginous and bony regions of the skeleton of Z. fedorovi principally correspond to the sequence in Z. viviparus and in other perciform fishes.
Relationships of eelpouts of the genus Zoarces (Zoarcidae, Pisces) inferred from molecular genetic and morphological data
Species divergence in terms of morphological characters was generally consistent with molecular genetic data and confirmed distinct isolation of American eelpout, and especially of blotched eelPout.
Restriction fragment variation of the mitochondrial gene of cytochrome b in some taxa of the Eelpout Family (Pisces, Perciformes, Zoarcidae) from the northern Sea of Okhotsk
The first analysis of restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) of the mitochondrial gene of cytochrome b of fish from the Eelpout Family (Zoarcidae) from the northern Sea of Okhotsk has been performed and suggests that Magadania skopetsi, an endemic of Tauiskaya Bay, is genetically close to Hadropareia middendorffii from the same subfamily (Gymnelinae).
Nucleotide sequence variation of the mitochondrial COI gene in several eelpout species of the genus Zoarces (Zoarcidae, Pisces)
The mitochondrial COI gene was for the first time sequenced in eelpout species of the genus Zoarces from the Taui Bay of the Sea of Okhotsk: notched-fin Z. elongatus Kner, 1868 and the new sympatric
Comparative osteology, relationships, and systematics of fish of the genus Zoarces (Zoarcidae, Perciformes)
Comparative-osteological investigation of all species of the genus Zoarces finds paired bony elements found, not described previously, identified as parurohyalia which may be synapomorphy of Zoarcidae, and confirms validity of a recently described species Z. fedorovi.
Relationships among several species of the subfamily Gymnelinae (Zoarcidae) inferred from mitochondrial DNA sequence analysis
Comparison of this species with other representatives of the subfamily Gymnelinae revealed high genetic similarity of M. skopetsi to Hadropareia middendorffii and considerable differences between these species and Gymnelopsis ochotensis.
Features of the biology of the eelpout Zoarces fedorovi (Perciformes: Zoarcidae) from Tauisk bay, Sea of Okhotsk
It was determined that in winter and spring this species inhabits strongly freshened sea areas and in summer and fall it inhabits, as a rule, estuarine areas in the tide effect zone.
Modeling of bacterial lipopolysaccharide-induced endometritis in rats and the possibility of its therapy using plasma enriched with soluble platelet factors
We presents results of a study on endometritis modeling in rats with double intravaginal administration of bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS). The established endometrial inflammatory process was