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Intraluminal ultrasonic palpation: assessment of local and cross-sectional tissue stiffness.
Many intravascular therapeutic techniques for the treatment of significant atherosclerotic lesions are mechanical in nature: examples are angioplasty, stenting and atherectomy. The selection of theExpand
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Intravascular ultrasound elastography in human arteries: initial experience in vitro.
Intravascular elastography is a new technique to obtain the local mechanical properties of the vessel wall and its pathology using intravascular ultrasound (IVUS). Knowledge of these mechanicalExpand
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Advancing intravascular ultrasonic palpation toward clinical applications.
This paper describes the first reported attempt to develop a real-time intravascular ultrasonic palpation system. We also report on our first experience in the catherization laboratory with this newExpand
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Intravascular elastography: principles and potentials.
Intravascular elastography is an ultrasound-based imaging technique capable of producing cross-sectional elasticity images called elastograms that can complement the characterization of lesions from the conventional IVUS image. Expand
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Elastic and Acoustic Properties of Vessel Mimicking Material for Elasticity Imaging
The mechanical and acoustic properties of agar-gelatin gels, used to construct vessel mimicking phantoms for ultrasonic elasticity studies, were investigated. Gels with varying compression moduliExpand
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Encapsulated types of contrast agents possess a specific acoustical signature. When the applied acoustic pressure exceeds a specific threshold, the scattering level increases abruptly for a shortExpand
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Intravascular ultrasound elastography.
Intravascular Ultrasound Blastography. The response of a tissue to mechanical excitation is a function of its mechanical properties. Excitation can be dynamic or quasistatic in nature. The responseExpand
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Intravascular ultrasound elastography: assessment and imaging of elastic properties of diseased arteries and vulnerable plaque.
OBJECTIVE Intravascular elastography is concerned with methods for measuring the local elastic properties using intravascular ultrasound (IVUS). The elastic properties of the vessel wall and atheromaExpand
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Decorrelation characteristics of transverse blood flow along an intravascular array catheter: effects of aggregation of red blood cells.
A method to measure transverse blood flow, based on the correlation between consecutive radiofrequency (RF) signals, has been introduced. This method was validated for an intravascular (IVUS)Expand
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Decorrelation of intravascular echo signals: potentials for blood velocity estimation.
When blood particles travel through an intravascular ultrasound imaging plane, the received echo signals decorrelate at a rate that is related to the flow velocity. In this paper, the feasibility ofExpand
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