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Global Oscillations at Low Frequency from the SOHO mission (GOLF)
The GOLF experiment on the SOHO mission aims to study the internal structure of the sun by measuring the spectrum of global oscillations in the frequency range 10−7 to 10−2 Hz. Bothp andg modeExpand
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Influence of catheter position on estimated strain in intravascular elastography
In elastography, an erroneous strain estimate is obtained when the radial strain and the probing ultrasound beam are not properly aligned: the "strain projection artifact". In practice, an angleExpand
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Novel developments in intravascular imaging
In the development of intravascular ultrasound (IVUS), a serious emphasis has been given to the improvement of the image quality in terms of resolution. Expand
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Decorrelation characteristics of transverse blood flow along an intravascular array catheter
In recent years, a new method to measure transverse blood flow based on the decorrelation of radio frequency (RF) signals has been introduced. In this paper, we investigated the decorrelationExpand
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A new ultrasound contrast imaging approach based on the combination of multiple imaging pulses and a separate release burst
A new ultrasound contrast imaging technique is described that optimally employs the rupture of the contrast agent. It is based on a combination of multiple high frequency, broadband, imaging pulsesExpand
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Intracoronary elastography in the catheterisation laboratory: preliminary patient results
Intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) elastography is a new imaging technique that reveals regional mechanical properties of the vascular wall by measuring the local strain. In this study, the FeasibilityExpand
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Intravascular ultrasonic palpation: assessment of local wall compliance
The availability of IVUS imaging has lead to interest in the development of complementary ultrasonic characterization techniques such as the assessment of the mechanical properties of arterialExpand
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Tissue mimicking material for intravascular elasticity imaging
The mechanical properties of agar-gelatin gels used to construct vessel mimicking phantoms for ultrasonic elasticity studies are investigated. Expand
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Multi-pulse ultrasound contrast imaging based on a decorrelation detection strategy
A novel technique for the detection of ultrasound contrast agents is described. The particular signature that occurs for encapsulated types of contrast agents, at high acoustical power settings, isExpand
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In vivo validation of blood flow estimation using the decorrelation of radiofrequency intravascular echo signals
A method for flow estimation from the decorrelation properties of radio frequency intravascular ultrasound signals from blood. Expand
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