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A General Hysteresis Operator for the Modeling of Vector Fields
  • E. Cardelli
  • Physics
  • IEEE Transactions on Magnetics
  • 14 March 2011
This paper deals with the modeling of vector fields that exhibit hysteresis. A general class of models of vector magnetizations with hysteresis that form a natural extension of the Classical ScalarExpand
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A General Vector Hysteresis Operator: Extension to the 3-D Case
This paper deals with the mathematical definition of a general vector hysteresis operator in 3-D, as an extension of previous papers where the theory has been limited to the 2-D case. Although theExpand
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Epstein frame: how and when it can be really representative about the magnetic behavior of laminated magnetic steels
In this paper, using suitable three-dimensional finite element method (FEM) approaches, either in frequency or in time domain, we will analyze the real magnetic behavior of a commercial EpsteinExpand
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Three-dimensional calculation of the magnetic field created by current-carrying massive disks
This paper deals with a complete three-dimensional calculation of the magnetic vector potential and of the magnetic flux density created by disk conductors, in which an assigned current flows. TheExpand
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Implementation of the Preisach-Stoner-Wohlfarth Classical Vector Model
A useful vector magnetic model must accurately simulate both the magnitude and direction of the magnetization when a magnetic medium is subjected to a linear or rotating applied field. Such a modelExpand
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Analytical solution of Everett integral using Lorentzian Preisach function approximation
In this paper, we take in to account the Lorentzian function, already proposed as analytical function approximation in scalar Preisach-type modeling of hysteresis of soft magnetic materials.Expand
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Reversible magnetization and Lorentzian function approximation
The paper proposes the use of a Lorentzian function to describe the irreversible component of the magnetization of soft materials with hysteresis using the Everett’s integral. We will derive anExpand
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A Benchmark Problem of Vector Magnetic Hysteresis for Numerical Models
In this paper, we present a benchmark problem for the validation of numerical models of vector magnetic hysteresis. The problem geometry and the measurement system are described. The materialsExpand
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Vector hysteresis measurements of not oriented grain SiFe steels by a biaxial hall sensors array
Abstract This work discusses the vector measurement of the effective magnetic field inside a not oriented grain SiFe steel sample, taking into account the effect of the demagnetizing field. WeExpand
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