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Simulation tool for design and management optimization of automated interbay material handling and storage systems for large wafer fab
The ever-increasing need to introduce in Wafer Fab automated handling and storage systems, requires reliable design and performance analysis tools. In this paper a simulation model, able to representExpand
Evaluation of tunnel stability using integrated geophysical methods
Abstract An integrated interpretation was made of data, from ground penetrating radar (GPR), seismic refraction and seismic transmission tomography, collected inside the catchment tunnels of aExpand
Electrical Resistivity and Seismic Refraction Tomography to Detect Buried Cavities
Cavities located in the near surface represent a major hazard especially in sites located in highly urbanized town centers. For this reason, the location, the determination of size and shape of theExpand
Characterization of an earth-filled dam through the combined use of electrical resistivity tomography, P- and SH-wave seismic tomography and surface wave data
Abstract The determination of the current state of buildings and infrastructures through non-invasive geophysical methods is a topic not yet covered by technical standards, since the application ofExpand
Geophysical investigation for the rehabilitation of a flood control embankment
To comply with recently published seismic regulations and environmental standards, existing dams and embankments have to be evaluated for safety control, in addition to standard maintenance andExpand
Electrical resistivity tomography to detect buried cavities in Rome: a case study
Cavities located in shallow layers of the subsoil represent a major hazard especially in sites located in town centres. For this reason, it is necessary to determine their location and size in orderExpand
Three-dimensional reconstruction of a masonry building through electrical and seismic tomography validated by biological analyses
In this paper, we present an integrated approach, for assessing the condition of an ancient Roman building, affected by rising damp and cracking phenomena. The combination of high-resolution Expand
Detection and imaging of piping sinkholes by integrated geophysical methods
Piping sinkholes may naturally develop in the case of a thick overburden overlying calcareous bedrock. Their detection and imaging is a challenging task for geophysical methods, not only because ofExpand
Integrated geophysical surveys to investigate the Scarsella vault of St. John's Baptistery in Florence
A geophysical study of the Scarsella vault, the high altar of St. John's Baptistery in Florence, was conducted to determine the internal structural features and thus ensure its proper restoration.Expand
The Importance of Geological Models in Understanding and Predicting the Life Span of Rockslide Dams: The Case of Scanno Lake, Central Italy
In order to explain the long life span of the Scanno rockslide-avalanche dammed lake (Central Italy), whose age of impoundment is older than 2,300 years, and to get indications about its present andExpand