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Composition and infraspecific variability of Artemisia herba-alba from southern Spain
The composition of the essential oils of 16 individual plants of Artemisia herba-alba Asso ssp. valentina (Lam.) Marcl. (at the full bloom stage) growing wild in four different locations fromExpand
Arbutus unedo L. communities in southern Iberian Peninsula mountains
Arbutus unedo L. communities in the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) were studied, highlighting the differences regarding their floristic composition, biological diversityExpand
The endemic flora in the south of the Iberian Peninsula: taxonomic composition, biological spectrum, pollination, reproductive mode and dispersal
The results clearly suggest that this limitation in their disseminative potential has only encouraged endemicity among the therophytes inhabiting lowlands, a contrast which makes the singularity of the endemic flora of the Southern Iberian peninsula even more remarkable. Expand
Vegetation of the dry bioclimatic areas in the Dominican Republic
We conduct a study of the dry forest in areas of scant rainfall in the Dominican Republic; these are sites with particular endemic habitats, as the samples reveal a high rate of local and insularExpand
Soil and Phytosociological Characterisation of Grasslands in the Western Mediterranean
A study was made of grasslands in olive groves with a high frequency of Hordeum leporinum Link, Chrysanthemum coronarium L., Malva neglecta Wallr., Aegilops geniculata Roth and Dasypyrum villosumExpand
Endemic flora biodiversity in the south of the Iberian Peninsula: altitudinal distribution, life forms and dispersal modes
The south of the Iberian Peninsula, with an altitudinal range varying from sea level to 3482 m and annual average rainfall ranging from 206 to 2223 mm, has 516 vascular endemic species or subspecies,Expand
Rain Forests in Subtropical Mountains of Dominican Republic
This article presents a study of the cloud forest dominated by the Prestoea montana (R. Graham) Nichols. This is a hyperhumid forest located in ravines and shaded areas with cloud condensation,Expand
Comparative analysis between the mangrove swamps of the Caribbean and those of the State of Guerrero (Mexico)
Abstract The aim of this study is to know the diversity and state of conservation of the mangrove swamps of Central America. The study area is the State of Guerrero and the Dominican Republic andExpand
Synopsis of aquatic plant-communities of the class Potametea in the southern Iberian Peninsula
Abstract By means of phytosociological techniques and 254 relevés taken both from bibliography (162) and specific field sampling (92), a review of the rooted aquatic vegetation in the south of theExpand
A phytosociological study of the hygrophilous vegetation of Sierra Nevada
A study on the vegetation related to streams and rivers of the Nevadense sector of Sierra Nevada (Southern Spain) has been carried out by detennining its main structural, floristic, ecologica!,Expand