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Heavy Ion, High-Energy, and Low-Energy Proton SEE Sensitivity of 90-nm RHBD SRAMs
We measure the sensitivity of different 90-nm SRAM cells to single-event upsets (SEUs) caused by heavy ions, high energy protons, and low energy protons. We discuss radiation hardened by designExpand
Heavy Ion and High Energy Proton-Induced Single Event Transients in 90 nm Inverter, NAND and NOR Gates
We measure heavy ion and proton-induced SETs in inverters, and NAND and NOR gates from a 90 nm RHBD library. NAND and NOR gates have higher SET cross section and generate wider pulses than inverters.
The Impact of Aging Effects and Manufacturing Variation on SRAM Soft-Error Rate
This paper describes modeling and hardware results of how the soft-error rate (SER) of a 65-nm silicon-on-insulator SRAM memory cell changes over time, as semiconductor aging effects shift the SRAMExpand
Robust SEU Mitigation of 32 nm Dual Redundant Flip-Flops Through Interleaving and Sensitive Node-Pair Spacing
We introduce the 32 nm SOI Boeing Interleaved Flip-Flop, which is based on the DICE topology with additional RHBD layout enhancements. Sensitive node pairs were separated by interleaving elements ofExpand
Fractional and unquantized dc voltage generation in THz-driven semiconductor superlattices
We consider the spontaneous creation of a dc voltage across a strongly coupled semiconductor superlattice subjected to THz radiation. We show that the dc voltage may be approximately proportionalExpand
SRAM SER in 90, 130 and 180 nm bulk and SOI technologies
We investigate the soft error rate (SER) of bulk and SOI SRAMs at the 90, 130 and 180 nm technology nodes. We use accelerated testing and Monte Carlo modeling to determine SER sensitivity toExpand
SEMM-2: a modeling system for single event upset analysis
We describe SEMM-2, a new simulation system for the analysis of radiation-induced single event upsets which builds on the initial SEMM tool. Developed for the current and future CMOS technologies,Expand
Alpha-particle-induced upsets in advanced CMOS circuits and technology
The current status of single-event upsets caused by alpha-particles in IBM circuits and technology is reviewed to assess the importance of this issue for microprocessors requiring both high performance and high reliability. Expand
Circuit design and modeling for soft errors
As semiconductor devices decrease in size, soft errors are becoming a major issue that must be addressed at all stages of product definition, and circuit models are designed and modeled as needed. Expand
Single-event-upset and alpha-particle emission rate measurement techniques
Methods that are used to measure alpha-particle emissivity from semiconductor and packaging materials are discussed, as well as methods that were used and the results for life testing and accelerated SEU testing of modern devices. Expand