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Clastogenic effects of bisphenol A on human cultured lymphocytes
Bisphenol A is an endocrine disrupting compound widely used in the production of polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. It is ubiquitously present in the environment, mostly in aquaticExpand
De novo transcriptome sequencing of a non-model polychaete species.
Transcriptome sequencing is a useful method for studying gene-sequences data, especially in non-model organisms whose genomic sequences are yet to be determined. Indeed, even without any genomeExpand
Early social conditions affect female fecundity in hermaphrodites.
Social conditions experienced prior to sexual maturity influence reproduction later in life in many animals. In simultaneous hermaphrodites, variation in mating group size influences reproductiveExpand
Increased population density reduces body growth and female investment in a simultaneous hermaphrodite
Abstract Sex allocation theory applied to hermaphrodites assumes that there is a trade off between the allocation of resources to male and female functions, within a fixed reproductive resourceExpand
Plasticity of morphological traits in response to social conditions in a simultaneous hermaphrodite
According to sex allocation theory, hermaphrodites allocate a fixed amount of resources to their male and female functions, and the proportion of resources invested in each sex depends on the matingExpand