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Amorphous niobium oxide thin films
Abstract Amorphous niobium oxide thin films were deposited by unbalanced reactive magnetron sputtering under different conditions of pressure (2 to 4 Pa) and oxygen percentage (9, 17, and 23%). TheExpand
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The effect of bilayer period and degree of unbalancing on magnetron sputtered Cr/CrN nano-multilayer wear and corrosion
article i nfo Cr/CrN nano-multilayers were grown on H13 steel and silicon (100), having different periods (Λ), at room temperature using the unbalanced magnetron sputtering technique by varying theExpand
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Shadowgraphy and interferometry using a CW laser and a CCD of a laser-induced plasma in atmospheric air
We present a new application of a charged coupled device (CCD), where a continuous-wave (CW) laser is used as a probe beam in shadowgraphy and interferometric diagnosis of transparent media where theExpand
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Elastic heterogeneities at the nanoscale in DLC films grown by PLD
The structure of diamond-like carbon (DLC) films is usually described as a local blend of sp2 and sp3 bonds. However, we report heterogeneities in the elastic properties that suggest that theExpand
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Perturbative method for ozone synthesis from oxygen in a single discharge
A simple theory for the simplified simultaneous-rate equations solution to calculate the ozone production in a single discharge is proposed. By using a perturbative method the expressions for theExpand
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Influence of plasma density on the chemical composition and structural properties of pulsed laser deposited TiAlN thin films
Incorporation of substitutional Al into the TiN lattice of the ternary alloy TiAlN results in a material with improved properties compared to TiN. In this work, TiAlN thin films were grown by theExpand
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Bismuth subsalicylate nanoparticles with anaerobic antibacterial activity for dental applications.
In recent years, nanomaterials have been used in the medical-dental field as new alternative antimicrobial agents. Bismuth subsalicylate (BSS) has been used as an antimicrobial agent, but the effectExpand
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An alternative procedure for the determination of the optical band gap and thickness of amorphous carbon nitride thin films
In this work, we propose an alternative procedure to obtain the optical band gap and the thickness of amorphous carbon nitride thin films that requires only the measurement of the absorbance spectrumExpand
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Mechanical and electrochemical characterization of vanadium nitride (VN) thin films
a b s t r a c t Vanadium nitride (V-N) thin films were grown using a reactive d.c. magnetron sputtering process, from a vanadium target (99.999%) in an Ar/N2 gas mixture at different deposition biasExpand
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Evolution of the opto-electronic properties of amorphous carbon films as a function of nitrogen incorporation
Abstract The present work provides correlations between the optical, electronical and microstructural properties of amorphous carbon nitride films (a-CNx) deposited by Direct Current (DC) magnetronExpand
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