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Defining hormesis
The issue of beneficial/harmful effects should not be part of the definition of hormesis, but reserved to a subsequent evaluation of the biological and ecological context of the response.
Hormesis: the dose-response revolution.
Hormesis, a dose-response relationship phenomenon characterized by low-dose stimulation and high-dose inhibition, has been frequently observed in properly designed studies and is broadly
Hormesis: Why it is important to toxicology and toxicologists
The article indicates that the hormetic dose response is the most fundamental dose response, significantly outcompeting other leading dose-response models in large-scale, head-to-head evaluations.
Hazardous Waste Facilities
Recent widely publicized studies claim facilities for treatment, storage, and disposal of hazard ous wastes (TSDFs) are located in areas with higher than average proportions of minorities, thereby
Toxicology rethinks its central belief
Hormesis demands a reappraisal of the way risks are assessed for the first time in 25 years.
How much soil do young children ingest: an epidemiologic study.