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The Many Faces of Maxwell, Dirac and Einstein Equations: A Clifford Bundle Approach
Preface.- Introduction.- Multivector and Extensor Calculus.- The Hidden Geometrical Nature of Spinors.- Some Differential Geometry.- Clifford Bundle Approach to the Differential Geometry of Branes.-Expand
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The fractional Schrödinger equation for delta potentials
The fractional Schrodinger equation is solved for the delta potential and the double delta potential for all energies. The solutions are given in terms of Fox's H-function.
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Theorem for Series in Three-Parameter Mittag-Leffler Function
The new result presented here is a theorem involving series in the threeparameter Mittag-Le†er function. As a by-product, we recover some known results and discuss corollaries. As an application, weExpand
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On anomalous diffusion and the fractional generalized Langevin equation for a harmonic oscillator
The fractional generalized Langevin equation (FGLE) is proposed to discuss the anomalous diffusive behavior of a harmonic oscillator driven by a two-parameter Mittag–Leffler noise. The solution ofExpand
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Relaxation Equations: Fractional Models
The relaxation functions introduced empirically by Debye, Cole-Cole, Cole-Davidson and Havriliak-Negami are, each of them, solutions to their respective kinetic equations. In this work, we propose aExpand
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Fractional models of anomalous relaxation based on the Kilbas and Saigo function
We revisit the Kilbas and Saigo functions of the Mittag-Leffler type of a real variable $$t$$t, with two independent real order-parameters. These functions, subjected to the requirement to beExpand
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Slowing-down of neutrons: a fractional model
The fractional version for the diffusion of neutrons in a material medium is studied. The concept of fractional derivative is presented, in the Caputo and Riesz senses. Using this concept, we discussExpand
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On some fractional Green’s functions
In this paper we discuss some fractional Green’s functions associated with the fractional differential equations which appear in several fields of science, more precisely, the so-called waveExpand
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Superluminal electromagnetic waves in free space
Recently it has been shown that all relativistic wave equations possess families of undistorted progressive waves (UPWs) which can travel with arbitrary speeds 0 ≤ v < ∞. In this paper we present theExpand
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On a particular case of series
We present a general formula for a triple product involving four real numbers. As a particular case, we get the sum of a triple product of four odd integers. Some interesting results are recovered.Expand
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