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Phylogenetic relationships of Pestalotiopsis and allied genera inferred from ribosomal DNA sequences and morphological characters.
The taxonomy of the coelomycetous fungus Pestalotiopsis and other closely related genera based on morphological characters has been equivocal. To gain insight in the phylogenetic relationships ofExpand
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Detection and taxonomic placement of endophytic fungi within frond tissues of Livistona chinensis based on rDNA sequences.
The 5.8S gene and flanking internal transcribed spacers (ITS1 and ITS2) of the rDNA were amplified from total DNA extracted from frond tissues of Livistona chinensis with universal andExpand
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Phylogenetic significance of the pseudoparaphyses in Loculoascomycete taxonomy.
The ontogeny of the ascostroma, in particular the centrum structures, has always been regarded as an important criterion in the subdivision of the Loculoascomycetideae (ascomycetous fungi). However,Expand
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Characterization and taxonomic placement of Rhizoctonia-like endophytes from orchid roots
Twenty-one Rhizoctonia-like fungal strains were isolated from the roots of four terrestrial orchid species from various locations in Hong Kong. The cultural morphology, nuclear number of the hyphalExpand
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Molecular systematics of the Amphisphaeriaceae based on cladistic analyses of partial LSU rDNA gene sequences.
The Amphisphaeriaceae is an important family of ascomycetes within the Xylariales. There has been, however, disagreement regarding the taxonomic placement of many genera within this family andExpand
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Phylogenetic significance of morphological characters in the taxonomy of Pestalotiopsis species.
There has been considerable disagreement regarding the relationships among Pestalotiopsis species and their delimitations. A molecular phylogenetic analysis was conducted on 32 species ofExpand
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An evaluation of the monophyly of Massarina based on ribosomal DNA sequences
The monophyletic status of the genus Massarina was evaluated on the basis of phylogenetic analysis of the partial small subunit gene (SSU), internal transcribed spacers (ITS 1 & 2), and 5.8S geneExpand
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Dyrithiopsis lakefuxianensis gen. et sp. nov. from Fuxian Lake, Yunnan, China, and notes on the taxonomic confusion surrounding Dyrithium
A new taxon with Dyrithium-like characteristics was collected from Lake Fuxian in China. The taxon is typical of the Amphisphaeriaceae in that it has relatively large, ostiolate, immersed ascomata,Expand
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Eight new species of Anthostomella from South Africa.
Eight new species of Anthostomella, A. acuminata, A. applanata, A. caffrariae, A. colligata, A. meerensis, A. palmae, A. raphiae and A. spiralis, are described from South Africa. They are comparedExpand
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