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Effects of gamma and UV-C irradiation on the postharvest control of papaya anthracnose
Abstract Anthracnose is the main postharvest disease in papaya fruit. Today, there is considerable interest on alternative methods of control to promote resistance against pathogens and supplement orExpand
Characterization of Pestalotiopsis longisetula and its pathogenicity in strawberry
Isolates of a fungus causing leaf lesions (not yet described in Brazil), were obtained from strawberry (Fragaria X ananassa Duch) 'Camarosa', 'Oso Grande' and 'Sweet Charlie'. The diseased seedlingsExpand
Priming corn seeds with plant growth regulator1
This study aimed to evaluate the plant growth regulator application, in different doses, on priming, with and without water restriction, in corn seeds. Evaluations were carried out in two periods (0Expand
Methods for priming maize seeds
This study aimed to evaluated different methodologies and water potentials for priming of maize seeds, in order to increase vigor. The experiment was carried out following a completely randomizedExpand
Characterization of 'prata' bananas, acclimatized at different time intervals after the harvest
The ripening of bananas, as induced by acclimatization, it is a procedure that has been used widely. It provides an uniform maturation, so overcoming the irregular maturation due to the formation ofExpand
Biorreguladores na brotação da videira ‘superior seedless’ = Biorregulators on sprouting of superior seedless vineyards
Objetivando estudar o efeito da aplicacao do biorregulador Stimulate e X-Cyte na uniformidade de brotacao das gemas do cultivar de uva sem sementes Superior Seedless, podadas em 22/05/2006,Expand
Effect of Fertilizer on Palisadegrass Seeds Pathogens
This study aimed to evaluate the effects of the contact of Brachiaria seeds with the fertilizer 05-2515 on the sanitary quality of the seeds. The experimental design was completely randomized, in aExpand
Effects of humus and shading levels in the production of Lactuca canadensis L. seedlings.
The objective of this study was to verify levels of shade and doses of earthworm humus in the production of Lactuca canadensis L. seedlings.  The experimental design was completely randomized in a 4Expand
Use of Agaricus blazei and Lentinula edodes extracts for post-harvest control of gray mold in ‘Itália’ grape
En la proteccion de uva ‘Italia’ en postcosecha contra la Botrytis cinerea se evaluo in vivo los efectos directos e indirectos de los extractos acuosos de la seta Agaricus blazei y Lentinula edodesExpand