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Initialization, noise, singularities, and scale in height ridge traversal for tubular object centerline extraction
It is shown that dynamic-scale ridge traversal is insensitive to its initial parameter settings, operates with little additional computational overhead, tracks centerlines with subvoxel accuracy, passes branch points, and handles significant image noise. Expand
Expression of C‐fos‐like protein as a marker for neuronal activity following noxious stimulation in the rat
  • E. Bullitt
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The Journal of comparative neurology
  • 22 June 1990
The data suggest that c‐fos can be used as a transynaptic marker for neuronal activity following noxious stimulation, however, c‐ fos is expressed only in some kinds of neurons following peripheral stimulation, and it therefore may be an incomplete marker for nociresponsive activity. Expand
A brain tumor segmentation framework based on outlier detection
A framework for automatic brain tumor segmentation from MR images that makes use of the robust estimates of the location and dispersion of the normal brain tissue intensity clusters to determine the intensity properties of the different tissue types. Expand
Measuring tortuosity of the intracerebral vasculature from MRA images
This report provides the first 3-D tortuosity analysis of clusters of vessels within the normally tortuous intracerebral circulation and describes a new metric that incorporates counts of minima of total curvature that appears to be the most effective in detecting several types of abnormalities. Expand
Simulation of brain tumors in MR images for evaluation of segmentation efficacy
This paper presents a system that combines physical and statistical modeling to generate synthetic multi-modal 3D brain MRI with tumor and edema, along with the underlying anatomical ground truth, with main emphasis on simulation of the major effects known for tumor MRI. Expand
Population Shape Regression from Random Design Data
This paper extends Nadaraya-Watson kernel regression by recasting the regression problem in terms of Fréchet expectation, and uses the infinite dimensional manifold of diffeomorphic transformations, with an associated metric, to study the small scale changes in anatomy. Expand
Vessel tortuosity and brain tumor malignancy: a blinded study.
Quantitative, statistical measures of vessel shape offer a new approach to the diagnosis and staging of disease and initial results are promising. Expand
Intensity ridge and widths for tubular object segmentation and description
Introduces a technique for the automated description of tubular objects in 3D medical images. The goal of automated 3D object description is to extract a representation which consistently details theExpand
White matter abnormalities revealed by diffusion tensor imaging in non-demented and demented HIV+ patients
Both region of interest (ROI) based and voxel-based analyses revealed that RD was affected to a much greater extent than AD by HIV infection, which may suggest that demyelination is the prominent disease progression in white matter. Expand
Phase II trial of lapatinib for brain metastases in patients with human epidermal growth factor receptor 2-positive breast cancer.
The study did not meet the predefined criteria for antitumor activity in highly refractory patients with HER-2-positive brain metastases, and further studies are underway utilizing volumetric changes as a primary end point. Expand