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New Ekpyrotic Cosmology
In this paper, we present a new scenario of the early universe that contains a pre-big bang ekpyrotic phase. By combining this with a ghost condensate, the theory explicitly violates the null energy
One-loop amplitudes of gluons in supersymmetric QCD
One-loop amplitudes of gluons in supersymmetric Yang-Mills are four-dimensional cut-constructible. This means that they can be determined from their unitarity cuts. We present a new systematic
On the Initial Conditions in New Ekpyrotic Cosmology
New Ekpyrotic Cosmology is an alternative scenario of early universe cosmology in which the universe existed before the big bang. The simplest model relies on two scalar fields, whose entropy
On semiclassical approximation for correlators of closed string vertex operators in AdS/CFT
We consider the 2-point function of string vertex operators representing string state with large spin in AdS5. We compute this correlator in the semiclassical approximation and show that it has the
Semiclassical four-point functions in AdS5 × S5
We consider a semiclassical (large string tension ∼ $ \sqrt {\lambda } $) limit of 4-point correlator of two “heavy” vertex operators with large quantum numbers and two “light” operators. It can be
1/N correction in the D3-brane description of a circular Wilson loop at strong coupling
We compute the one-loop correction to the probe D3-brane action in AdS5 x S5 expanded around the classical Drukker-Fiol solution ending on a circle at the boundary. It is given essentially by the
Correlation function of null polygonal Wilson loops with local operators
We consider the correlator $ {{{\left\langle {{W_n}\mathcal{O}} \right\rangle }} \left/ {{\left\langle {{W_n}} \right\rangle }} \right.} $ of a light-like polygonal Wilson loop with n cusps with a
Holographic gauge theories in background fields and surface operators
We construct a new class of supersymmetric surface operators in N = 4 SYM and find the corresponding dual supergravity solutions. We show that the insertion of the surface operator — which is given
Two-loop amplitudes of gluons and octa-cuts in Script N = 4 super Yang-Mills
After reduction techniques, two-loop amplitudes in = 4 super Yang-Mills theory can be written in a basis of integrals containing scalar double-box integrals with rational coefficients, though the
Holomorphic Yukawa couplings in heterotic string theory
A bstractWe develop techniques, based on differential geometry, to compute holomorphic Yukawa couplings for heterotic line bundle models on Calabi-Yau manifolds defined as complete intersections in