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A whole leaf clearing and staining technique for host specificity studies of rust fungi
Developpement d'une methode de preparation des feuilles de vegetaux inoculees par des champignons agents de rouille, utilisee dans les programmes d'etude de the specificite de Phragmidium violaceum, agent de lutte biologique contre Rubus fructicosus.
Host specificity of the rust Phragmidium violaceurn, a potential biological control agent of European blackberry
The results showed that P. violaceum has a limited host range in the genus Rubus, and was able to reproduce on 17 taxa of Rubus previously unrecorded as hosts, including Australasian species ofRubus subgenera Dalibarda and Lampobatus.
The collection and selection in Europe of isolates of Phragmidium violaceum (Uredinales) pathogenic to species of European blackberry naturalised in Australia
Phragmidium violaceum is a rust fungus with potential for the biological control of European blackberry in Australia and selection of individual isolates on the four most widespread blackberries showed that only two of the isolates would be required to obtain the best attack on these four species.
Strategies for the biological control of invasive willows (Salix spp.) in Australia.
Willows (Salix spp.) are Weeds of National Significance in Australia where a large number of taxa are naturalised in temperate regions and can cause serious environmental degradation of riparian and
Life history of Phragmidium violaceum in relation to its effectiveness as a biological control agent of European blackberry
The likely impact of age-related disease resistance on the efficacy of P. violaceum as a biocontrol agent is discussed, and further modeling to predict times when shoot growth is synchronised with pathogen development is proposed.
Overcoming limits on rust epidemics in Australian infestations of European blackberry
The challenge now is to quantify when pathogen development is synchronised with host growth and to monitor and explain the fate of additional rust strains released in Australia, through an improved understanding of population genetics.
Infection of Australian and New Zealand Rubus subgenera Dalibarda and Lampohatus by the European blackberry rust fungus Phragmidium violaceum
Laboratory inoculations of native Australian and New Zealand Rubus spp. showed that R. gunnianus (subgenus Dalibarda) from Tasmania and R. schmidelioides and R. cissoides (subgenus Lampobatus) from