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The behaviour of monazite from greenschist facies phyllites to anatectic gneisses: An example from the Chugach Metamorphic Complex, southern Alaska
Monazite is a common accessory mineral in various metamorphic and magmatic rocks, and is widely used for U–Pb geochronology. However, linking monazite U–Pb ages with the PT evolution of the rock isExpand
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Accessory mineral chemistry of high Ba-Sr granites from northern Scotland: constraints on petrogenesis and records of whole-rock signature
The Rogart and Strontian high Ba–Sr plutons (Northern Highlands, Scotland) comprise a range of lithologies from felsic to ultramafic rocks. The latter are mantle-derived and their differentiation toExpand
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Evidence from U–Pb zircon geochronology for early Neoproterozoic (Tonian) reworking of an Archaean inlier in northeastern Shetland, Scottish Caledonides
Meta-igneous lithologies of the Cullivoe inlier in NE Yell, Shetland, have tonalite–trondhjemite–granodiorite (TTG) chemistry and yield U–Pb zircon crystallization ages of c. 2856 – 2699 Ma.Expand
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The petrology and geochemistry of a metabasite belt along the southern margin of Alaska
A 600 km long metabasite belt is exposed at the southern border of the Chugach terrane in southern Alaska, south of the Eocene Chugach Metamorphic Complex (CMC). In this contribution, we presentExpand
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Apatite trace element and isotope applications to petrogenesis and provenance
Abstract Apatite is an excellent tracer of petrogenetic processes as it can incorporate a large range of elements that are sensitive to melt evolution (LREE-MREE, Sr, Pb, Mn, halogens, Nd isotopes).Expand
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An apatite for progress: Inclusions in zircon and titanite constrain petrogenesis and provenance
Apatite has recently gained considerable attention as a mineral with many uses within the Earth and planetary sciences. Apatite chemistry has recently given new insight into a wide range ofExpand
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Metamorphic P–T conditions across the Chugach Metamorphic Complex (Alaska)—A record of focussed exhumation during transpression
The Chugach Metamorphic Complex (CMC) is a large high-grade metamorphic complex that developed in the Eocene within the Chugach accretionary complex along the margin of Alaska where subduction isExpand
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Pseudosection modelling for a selected eclogite body from the Koralpe (Hohl), Eastern Alps
In the Kor-, Saualpe and Pohorje regions of the Eastern Alps eclogite bodies occur within metapelitic gneisses. The bodies are between 1 meter and several hundreds of meters in size and some of themExpand
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Mineral inclusions in rutile: A novel recorder of HP-UHP metamorphism
The ability to accurately constrain the secular record of high- and ultra-high pressure metamorphism on Earth is potentially hampered as these rocks are metastable and prone to retrogression,Expand
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