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Colonialism and Underdevelopment in East Africa: The Politics of Economic Change 1919-1939
Part 1 The ideological and institutional context: the social theory of colonialism the political structures the economic structures. Part 2 The international context - Britain's economic crises andExpand
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Responding to Poverty in Uganda: Structures, Policies and Prospects
Against nature man can claim no right, but once society is established poverty immediately takes the form of a wrong done to one class by another. The important question of how poverty is to beExpand
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Rational Planners and Irrational Politicians: The Ideology of Development Administration
Economists are the soothsayers of contemporary society. They read computer printout as their forebears read the entrails of the sacrificial goat. The process is more hygenic but no more accurate.(1)Expand
American Deficits, Global Boom and Crisis
The establishment of the IMF, World Bank and the GATT in the 1940s, involved, as we have seen, a series of compromises between the objectives of the USA as a strong surplus country committed to tradeExpand
Introduction: Understanding the International Crisis
At the end of the Second World War the main concern of American policy was ‘to avoid drifting from the peace table into a period of chaotic competition, monetary disorders, depressions, politicalExpand
3. The World’s View of the IMF
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Politics, economics and rationality
The growing division of labour in the social sciences has tended to separate the study of economic from that of political things and, in doing so, has created separate bodies of theory and data ofExpand
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