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Neotectonics of Turkey – a synthesis
AbstractTurkey forms one of the most actively deforming regions in the world and has a long history of devastating earthquakes. The belter understanding of its neotectonic features and activeExpand
Origin of NE-trending basins in western Turkey
Abstract The origin of NE-trending basins and their relation to the E–W-trending grabens in western Turkey have been the subject of long lasting debate. The stratigraphical and structural aspects ofExpand
Tectonic evolution of the Gediz Graben: field evidence for an episodic, two-stage extension in western Turkey
Western Turkey is one of the most spectacular regions of widespread active continental extension in the world. The most prominent structures of this region are E–W-trending grabens (e.g. Gediz andExpand
Menderes Massif (Western Turkey): structural, metamorphic and magmatic evolution – a synthesis
Abstract.The Menderes Massif covers large areas in western Turkey. The better understanding of its tectono-metamorphic history would provide insight for the Alpine evolution of western Turkey and theExpand
Timing of Extension on the Büyük Menderes Graben, Western Turkey, and Its Tectonic Implications
  • E. Bozkurt
  • Geology
  • Geological Society, London, Special Publications
  • 2000
Abstract The Büyük Menderes Graben is one of the most prominent structures of western Anatolia (Turkey) and borders the Aegean. New structural and stratigraphic evidence demonstrates that theExpand
Southern Menderes Massif: an incipient metamorphic core complex in western Anatolia, Turkey
In the southern sector of the Menderes Massif, north of Selimiye (Milas) augen gneisses interpreted as a deformed peraluminous granite have been dynamothermally metamorphosed and are surrounded byExpand
Granitoid rocks of the southern Menderes Massif (southwestern Turkey): field evidence for Tertiary magmatism in an extensional shear zone
Recent field campaign in the southern Menderes Massif in southwestern Turkey revealed that the so-called ‘core of the massif’ comprises two distinct types of granitoid rocks: an orthogneissExpand
Late Alpine evolution of the central Menderes Massif, western Turkey
Abstract.The central Menderes Massif (western Turkey) is characterized by an overall dome-shaped Alpine foliation pattern and a N–NNE-trending stretching lineation. A section through the southernExpand
Metamorphic history of the southern Menderes massif, western Turkey
Metamorphic mineral compositions and textures are integrated with microstructures to test tectonic models for the construction and exhumation of a mid-crustal terrane in western Turkey. The southernExpand