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The oxidative drying of alkyd paint catalysed by metal complexes
The focus of this review paper is the transition metal chemistry involved in alkyd (paint) drying. A general introduction is given on the composition of a common alkyd paint and the latest insightsExpand
New nickel-containing homogeneous hydrogenation catalysts: Structures of [Ni(o-MeO-dpppol)Cl2] and [Ni(dcpe)Cl2]
The didentate phosphane ligands 1,3-bis(di(ortho-methoxyphenyl)phosphanyl)-2-propanol (o-MeO-dpppol) and 1,2bis(dicyclohexylphosphanyl)ethane (dcpe) have been used in a study towards catalyticExpand
Electrocatalytic CO2 Conversion to Oxalate by a Copper Complex
Oxalate from Air In light of increasing concerns about the consequences of excessive atmospheric carbon dioxide, there is demand for methods to use carbon dioxide in the preparation of more elaborateExpand
Molecular water oxidation catalysts based on transition metals and their decomposition pathways
Abstract Water is a widely available source of “cheap electrons”, and water oxidation a chemical challenge that was tackled by the community of homogeneous catalysis decades ago. Although catalyticExpand
Fast autoxidation of ethyl linoleate catalyzed by [Mn(acac)3] and bipyridine: a possible drying catalyst for alkyd paints.
It has been found that [Mn(acac)(3)], by functioning both as a radical initiator and a hydroperoxide decomposition catalyst, has a very high activity in the autoxidation of ethyl linoleate (EL), aExpand
Efficient catalytic epoxidation of olefins with silylated Ti-TUD-1 catalysts
Various silylated Ti-TUD-1 samples were synthesized by treating Ti-TUD-1 samples of differing Ti loadings with hexamethyldisilazane (HMDS). The silylation of silanol (SiOH) and titanol groups (TiOH)Expand
Synthesis, characterization and crystal structures of nickel complexes with dissymmetric tetradentate ligands containing a mixed-donor sphere
Abstract Four new nickel(II) complexes of dissymmetric tetradentate ligands, containing mixed-ligand donor sets of NSNS or NSNO, have been synthesized. These complexes were prepared by facileExpand
The influence of bipyridine on the drying of alkyd paints: a model study
Abstract In search for new autoxidation catalysts, which could replace cobalt as primary drier in alkyd paints, a simple, fast and reliable test system is essential. In our studies the oxidativeExpand
Role of additives in cobalt-mediated oxidative crosslinking of alkyd resins
Abstract Spectroscopic and chromatographic studies have been carried out to investigate the interaction between bis(acetylacetonato)cobalt(II) and pyrazole ligands as possible anti-skinningExpand