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In the shadow of Olympus : the emergence of Macedon
In tracing the emergence of the Macedonian kingdom from its origins as a Balkan backwater to a major European and Asian power, Eugene Borza offers to specialists and lay readers alike a revealing
Alexander the Great and Bactria. The Formation of a Greek Frontier in Central Asia
This short book attempts to place Alexander's conquest of Bactria and Sogdiana in a fuller context of Bactrian history than is usually done. Holt points out that the standard books on Bactria begin
The Great Tumulus at Vergina, excavated by Manolis Andronikos in 1977-1979, yielded three Macedonian tombs (Tombs II-IV) and a cist tomb (Tomb I). The rich burial goods of Tombs II and III and the
The Royal Macedonian Tombs and the Paraphernalia of Alexander the Great
THE FOLLOWING PAPER raises two related points about the identification of the remains in the royal Macedonian tombs in the great tumulus at Vergina (ancient Aegae). One is that the evidence now seems
Some Observations on Malaria and the Ecology of Central Macedonia in Antiquity.
How different this seems from the desolate and malaria-ridden country widely portrayed by nineteenthand early twentieth-century visitors in the region, before the modern agricultural revolution
A mysterious death.