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Faceting and commensurability in crystal structures of colloidal thin films.
This Letter investigates the influence of finite size effects on the particle arrangement of thin film colloidal crystals. A rich variety of crystallographic faceting with large single domainExpand
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Layering transitions in confined colloidal crystals: the hcp-like phase.
This paper investigates the sequence of morphological transitions in a nearly hard sphere arrangement confined in a wedge cell. A model that shows smooth transitions between the different particleExpand
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Fraunhofer diffraction patterns from apertures illuminated with nonparallel light in nonsymmetrical Fourier transformers.
In a recent paper, a 2-D axially nonsymmetrical Fourier transforming with an anamorphic system was presented. This work extends its performances with the use of spherical illumination. The resultsExpand
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White-light-modified Talbot array illuminator with a variable density of light spots.
A flexible array illuminator, comprising only two conventional optical elements, with a variable density of bright white-light spots is presented. The key to our method is to obtain with a singleExpand
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Using Constraint Technology for Predictive Control of Urban Traffic Based on Qualitative and Temporal Reasoning
This paper explores the use of constraint technology for building an Urban Traffic (UT) control system that is able to perform predictive control in real time. Expand
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El debate teológico sobre el destino de los embriones humanos criopreservados
TITULO: EL DEBATE TEOLOGICO SOBRE EL DESTINO DE LOS EMBRIONES HUMANOS CRIOPRESERVADOS. RESUMEN: El trabajo pretende hacer un estudio, desde una perspectiva moral, de las distintas soluciones que seExpand
Balbus el bibliomurciélago. Una historia de la Biblioteca Universitaria de Granada
La familia de bibliomurcielagos -y, en su nombre, los autores de este tebeo- quieren agradecer a todo el personal de la Biblioteca Universitaria su atencion y su apoyo. Balbus manda un saludo muyExpand
GoRoSoBo simplified: an accurate feedback control algorithm in real time for irrigation canals
An irrigation canal is a hydraulic system whose main objective is to convey water from a source (dam, river) to different users. Expand