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Swarm Intelligence - From Natural to Artificial Systems
This chapter discusses Ant Foraging Behavior, Combinatorial Optimization, and Routing in Communications Networks, and its application to Data Analysis and Graph Partitioning. Expand
Agent-based modeling: Methods and techniques for simulating human systems
  • E. Bonabeau
  • Medicine, Computer Science
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…
  • 14 May 2002
Agent-based modeling is a powerful simulation modeling technique that has seen a number of applications in the last few years, including applications to real-world business problems, and its four areas of application are discussed by using real- world applications. Expand
Decisions 2.0: the power of collective intelligence
Information markets, wikis and other applications that tap into the collective intelligence of groups have recently generated tremendous interest. But what�s the reality behind the hype?
From Natural to Artificial Swarm Intelligence
From the Publisher: This book provides a detailed look at models of social insect behavior and how to apply these models in the design of complex systems. The book shows how these models replace anExpand
Scale-Free Networks.
Ant algorithms and stigmergy
This paper overviews some models derived from the observation of real ants, emphasizing the role played by stigmergy as distributed communication paradigm, and shows how these models have inspired a number of novel algorithms for the solution of distributed optimization and distributed control problems. Expand
A Brief History of Stigmergy
The history of Stigmergy is described in the context of social insects and the general properties of two distinct stigmergic mechanisms are discussed: quantitative stIGmergy and qualitative stigMERgy. Expand
Quantitative study of the fixed threshold model for the regulation of division of labour in insect societies
A simple model of regulation of division of labour in insect societies is introduced and studied. Individuals are assumed to respond to task-related stimuli with response thresholds. When theExpand
Cooperative transport by ants and robots
A robotic implementation of the first formalized model of cooperative transport in ants, which provides an interesting example of decentralized problem-solving by a group of robots. Expand