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Clifford numbers and spinors : with Riesz's private lectures to E. Folke Bolinder and a historical review by Pertti Lounesto
Preface E. Folke Bolinder. Lecture Series Clifford Numbers and Spinors given by Professor Marcel Riesz, October 1957--January 1958. Preface. I. Clifford Numbers. II. Rotations and Reflections. III.Expand
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Clifford algebra: What is it?
  • E. Bolinder
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society Newsletter
  • 1987
The participants, about 70 people from 20 countries constituted a motley crowd of mathematicians, physicists, and engineers. Expand
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Survey of Some Properties of Linear Networks
An attempt is made to give a brief expose of some modern works on linear network properties. The concepts treated are the following: passivity, stability, efficiency, and nonreciprocity; nExpand
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A note on the matrix representation of linear two-port networks
  • E. Bolinder
  • Mathematics
  • IRE Transactions on Circuit Theory
  • 1 December 1957
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Impedance and polarization-ratio transformations by a graphical method using the isometric circles
The isometric circles for the direct and inverse linear fractional transformations can be used for transformations of impedances and polarization ratios. In the Ioxodromic case an inversion isExpand
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Geometric analysis of partially polarized electromagnetic waves
Some invariant properties of partially polarized electromagnetic waves are studied geometrically. Transformations of the complex degree of correlation and the degree of polarization are studied inExpand
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A survey of the use of non-euclidean geometry in electrical engineering
We give a brief resume of some of the non-Euclidean geometry models and some of their applications in electrical engineering. Expand
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