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Current correlations of an on-demand single-electron emitter
In analogy with quantum optics, short-time correlations of the current fluctuations are measured and used to assess the quality of the single-particle emission of a recently introduced on-demandExpand
Gapless Andreev bound states in the quantum spin Hall insulator HgTe.
Experimental evidence for topological superconductivity induced in a HgTe quantum well, a 2D topological insulator that exhibits the quantum spin Hall (QSH) effect is reported. Expand
Josephson radiation from gapless Andreev bound states in HgTe-based topological junctions
Frequency analysis of the rf emission of oscillating Josephson supercurrent is a powerful passive way of probing properties of topological Josephson junctions. In particular, measurements of theExpand
Current noise spectrum of a single particle emitter: theory and experiment
The controlled and accurate emission of coherent electronic wave packets is of prime importance for future applications of nano-scale electronics. Here we present a theoretical and experimentalExpand
4π-periodic Josephson supercurrent in HgTe-based topological Josephson junctions
The observation of an anomalous response to rf irradiation in a Josephson junction made of a HgTe weak link is reported, understood as due to a 4π-periodic contribution to the supercurrent, and its amplitude is compatible with the expected contribution of a gapless Andreev doublet. Expand
Electron quantum optics in ballistic chiral conductors
The edge channels of the quantum Hall effect provide one dimensional chiral and ballistic wires along which electrons can be guided in an optics-like setup. Electronic propagation can then beExpand
Coherence measures for heralded single-photon sources
We show that the Mobius function mu(n) is strongly asymptotically orthogonal to any polynomial nilsequence n -> F(g(n)L). Here, G is a simply-connected nilpotent Lie group with a discrete andExpand
Phase-sensitive SQUIDs based on the 3D topological insulator HgTe
Three-dimensional (3D) topological insulators represent a new class of materials in which transport is governed by Dirac surface states while the bulk remains insulating. Due to helical spinExpand
Coherence and Indistinguishability of Single Electrons Emitted by Independent Sources
The demonstration of two-Electron interference provides the possibility of manipulating coherent and indistinguishable single-electron wave packets in quantum conductors. Expand
Single-electron quantum tomography in quantum Hall edge channels
Electron quantum optics aims at the controlled manipulation and measurement of the quantum state of a single to few electrons in metallic nanostructures comparable to recent achievements withExpand