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A Change of Heart: Cardiovascular Correlates of Forgiveness in Response to Interpersonal Conflict
This study sought to examine the psychophysiological correlates of forgiveness in response to interpersonal conflict. One hundred eight college students (44 males and 64 females) participated in twoExpand
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Getting Students to Choose to Do More Work: Evidence of the Effectiveness of the Interspersal Procedure
College students were exposed to two sets of mathematics assignments. For each set students were given an experimental and a control assignment. The control assignments contained 15 three-digit byExpand
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Improving Sixth-Grade Students Perceptions of High-Effort Assignments by Assigning More Work: Interaction of Additive Interspersal and Assignment Effort on Assignment Choice.
Abstract Sixth-grade students were exposed to two pairs of mathematics assignments. Assignment Pair A included a high-effort and a moderate-effort assignment, each containing 18 three-digit byExpand
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Varying Problem Effort and Choice: Using the Interspersal Technique to Influence Choice Towards More Effortful Assignments
College students were exposed to two pairs of mathematics assignments. Assignment Pair A included a high-effort assignment containing 18 long three-digit × two-digit (3×2) multiplication problemsExpand
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Demonstrations and Applications of the Matching Law in Education
Within educational settings, at any given moment students may choose to engage in assigned academic tasks or other in non-educational activities. The matching law describes and predicts choiceExpand
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Adaptation level effects in discrimination of flicker frequency
Pigeons accustomed to food reinforcement for responding in the presence of a 25-Hz flickering light were exposed to several sets of flicker-frequency stimuli arranged as increasing and decreasingExpand
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Reducing Perceptions of Time Required to Complete Math Assignments by Adding Problems to Assignments: A Synthesis of the Additive Interspersal Research
Results from nine experiments were analyzed to evaluate the relationship between relative problem completion rates (RPCR) and judgments of time involving mathematics assignments. For each experiment,Expand
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Varying problem effort and problem completion rates : an investigation of the interspersal procedure and student assignment choice
The discrete task completion hypothesis suggests that, when given assignments comprised of multiple discrete tasks, completed discrete tasks are reinforcing events (Skinner, 2002). Expand